Kaelen likes cats, podcasts, aliens, and data. They are basically always on twitter and consistently have at least four RStudio projects open at a time on both their work and personal computers.

Kaelen works as a data scientist focused on experimental design, API development, and automation in statistics and data science. Currently, they’re a data scientist on the Platform Data Science team at Medidata Solutions. They’re also a board member for R-Ladies NYC, where they help to plan and organize R-programming related meetups. Previously, Kaelen was a data scientist at Spring Health, where they worked to bring a definition of provider quality and built the company’s first data pipeline. They’ve also worked on the Product team at DataCamp, where they established DataCamp’s north star metric, worked extensively on dashboarding and cleaning data from the products, and helped build experiments with the team. Kaelen also authored a course for DataCamp on Experimental Design in R and co-authored a course on Building Web Applications in Shiny.

Kaelen loves to speak and give worshops both at conferences and online. Check out their talk from Nor’easter Conf 2019 on Modularizing and Debugging Shiny Apps or their talk from the DC R conference 2019 on tidymetrics & shinybones, which you can also watch on the Lander Analytics youtube channel. Kaelen gave an Introduction to Shiny workshop to R-Ladies Tunisia in July of 2020 that’s also available on the R-Ladies Tunis youtube channel. They’d love to come speak to your organization or give a workshop about technical topics or professional skills needed to succeed in data science alike.

Kaelen received their MS in Biostatistics from the School of Public Health at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in 2016.

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